Anonymous asked: Is there going to be porn?

I wouldn’t call it porn, but there will be sex scenes, yes.


The protagonist is revealed!

Also, a snazzy logo!

Expect more as development on the demo progresses!


Progress Update!

We’ve gotten an artist, so we’re finally making progress on the art assets! Now, all that remains to be done for the demo is finishing up some art assets and picking up the slack from two writers we had who we had to remove from the team due to lack of working. 

We’re shooting for releasing the identity of the protagonist in seven days, so mark your calendars!

In the staff department:
We’re still accepting applications for Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity writers, as well as Musicians, Vectorers, Coders, and anyone who can draw in the show’s style. Contact cirnoanon@gmail.com to apply! What we need more then anything right now is people who can vector and draw, as we only have one of each!

Want to help but can’t do any of that? If you email the above address, I’ll personally set aside some time to teach you to vector or code!


Anonymous asked: Will Tracy be appearing at any time throughout the visual novel as either a bad end, background pony, etc? I ask because I noticed your Team Tracy icon.

She may appear as a background pony, but she won’t have lines. We’re trying to keep it roughly the same tone as the show, and of course she would throw that right out. 


poliana-draws asked: Ohoho! H scenes with non-humanized Ponies inside a visual novel? Now color me interested! That's a pretty bold move.

Thank you. We’re also creating a SFW ‘cuddling’ version that will feature new scenes in place of the H-scenes, for distribution on SFW sites and for people who don’t like that sort of thing.


Anonymous asked: Wait, is this even humanized or pony or what?

It’s all pony, all the time. It takes place in Ponyville, in Equestria.


Anonymous asked: Is it a humanized Bloomberg?

That’s quite an idea. But, no. 

I’m not going to be responding to any other guesses at the identity of the protagonist, for the sake of not bogging down the tumblr. 


Anonymous asked: The new protagonist isn't a well established canon character is it? I feel that in some ways that could end up worse than an OC. It wouldn't ruin the VN or anything like that, but it feel like just another fanfic promoting a popular shipping pair. An by well established I mean well known, one that is commonly shipped, etc.

The new protagonist is a character firmly implanted into canon, but in a way he’s yet to receive a well established personality. But, we both know that doesn’t stop shippers. Even so, he’s not shipped very often.


Anonymous asked: I create music for animations and video games. Do you guys need any of that or are you good? If you do, where could I contact you?

Yes, we could use another musician or two. Thank you for volunteering. As always, contact me at Cirnoanon@gmail.com


Anonymous asked: What type of artist are you looking for? It's possible I'm sitting on a pile of them who would gladly help but I don't know if they do the art style you look for

Really any kind that can create original artwork in the show’s style. It could be lineart, even, and it’d still be okay. If they fit the bill, we’d be only too glad to have them onboard. Email us at cirnoanon@gmail.com if they do.